UK Based Aerial Imaging Services

Professional aircraft up to 20kg

Sky Captain are a Yorkshire based aerial imaging team who operate across the UK. We offer clients commercial operation of aerial imaging from stills at full frame to video at 4k. Where you can decide whether to have a total edited package or file images for you to post produce to keep your costs down. Our chief pilot and operations manager has over 40 years flying unmanned remotely piloted aircraft has been an experienced certified commercial UAV pilot since 2015 previously working for Leeds Beckett University as UAV operations manager, training staff and student in aerial cinematography, supporting building surveying, research, marketing and creative student projects. Most of our aircraft operate as a two person crew which significantly reduces risks and enables the camera operator to capture the best possible image. We provide liability insurance cover up to £5 million.

Sky Captain Aerial Imaging have a unblemished safety record fulfilling tasks while maintaining professional risk management requirements.

Due to Civil Aviation Authority regulations not all flight tasks are able to undertaken by unmanned aircraft, but if the flight task can be carried out legally we can meet your expectations.

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