Booking requirements

Every flight task is different with its own complexities and location so we would need to provide you a specific quote.  If you accept the quote then a 30% deposit would be required 7 to 10 days before the flight task with the balance up to 30 days after the flight task.   If our British weather prevents the task from being undertaken on the agreed date your deposit will be refunded if an alternative date cannot be arranged.

Before any flight task is undertaken you will be given a copy of our insurance, CAA Permissions for Aerial World, map from Google Earth showing the intended flight path and one showing ATZ's (Air Traffic Control Zones) and our specific site risk assessment.

  • 20% deposit - 7 to 10 days before flight task.
  • Balance 30 days after flight task.

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aDRIAN - 07591538850

aRRON - 07543753969

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