Terms and Rates

Aerial photography and filming demand very complex arrangements to meet a client’s expectations, whilst operating legally and safely and pre-planning is crucial before flying commences with no one flight task identical to another. 

Unless operating within a building, aerial work is naturally affected by the UK’s changeable weather and arranged dates are sometimes not possible. In these situations, if a rescheduled date is possible no fee will be charged, and the original booking fee is transferred to the new date.

In most cases we would expect a 30% deposit from a client when a booking has been confirmed and in the unlikely situation where by the work is completely cancelled or unforeseen changes in weather prevents flying, with no re-schedule date, then the deposit is non-refundable.

If a client cancels within 24 hours of the confirmed date, then 100% of the fee will be charged.  

We pride ourselves by delivering the highest possible Customer Service Satisfaction and we are very flexible when working with clients to ensure each project is planned, managed and delivered to the highest safety standards possible.

Our images are Copyright and None Exclusive. However, we will consider Exclusive rights if a client is seeking this. 

Rates below are provided as a guide based on experience and best practice, but do not capture all aspects such as supporting professional wedding photographers or Estate Agents. We also operate a Client Royalty Points system to reward returning clients with favorable discounts.

Photography Rates

Half day (4 hours ) : £200

Full day: (8 hours ) : £400

Cinematography Rates

Half day: ( 4 hours ) : £350

Full day: ( 8 hours ) : £550

Training Workshops

Half day: £200

Industrial (comprising of photo, video, photogrammetry)

Half day: ( 4 hours ) : £350

Full day: ( 8 hours ) : £500


Total airtime based is on pre-planning (Storyboard / flight plan of the day)

Estate Agents Photography – Subject to quantity (£100 per building)

Video Post Production - £30 per hr (Or included in allotted hours)

Still Photography Post Production - £30 per hr (Or included in allotted hours)


Customer Loyalty Repeat contract within 1 month – 20% discount

Customer Loyalty Repeat contract within 6 months – 10% discount