What can aerial imaging do for you?


Land Surveying

Land surveys produce images of completed works as part of the quality control process or to create a time lapse of the whole development. (one image every 14 days). We can inspect areas such as landfill where your employees may not venture due to health and safety reasons. Using aerial surveys provides flexible high quality, instant data. 


The more common use of aerial work is to be able to provide a quick low cost on site survey of a building where the images are used as part of a tendering or maintenance process to analyze, share and integrate information. Traditionally this can take days, weeks or possibly months to undertake, all of which would be costly when using elevated platforms and scaffolding.  We offer solutions that allow high resolution images to support BIM (Building Information Modelling) <Learn More> 


We are more than happy to work for wedding photographers who just want that extra special image for their customers which usually will be an economical 1 hour flight task.  

Property Market

Aerial work for estates agents is also popular who want that extra special image to professionally market the property. Studies abroad have found that the use of drone technology in property marketing has helped to sell properties 50% quicker than conventional methods significantly increasing productivity marketing sales.


Media Production Film,documentaries and Marketing

There are many independent marketing video producers who don’t want the expense of purchasing their own equipment and employing pilots that brings added liability. So contracting the aerial or ground base work out is the most cost effective option and we are able to bring in specialists such as directors of photography, audio technicians and video editors to meet any task. We also operate Ronin MX and S Gimbals for capturing ground base video.  

Sports and Recreation

Many outdoor pursuits such as climbing and downhill racing take advantage of aerial photography to capture that one special moment or to analyse a person’s physical performance.


Hazardous Inspections

Risk to life can now be eliminated with the use of drones such as inspecting waste refuse sites, inaccessible or unstable terrain and derelict buildings such as decommissioned power plants, factories and other dangerous environments.


Training Workshops (mentoring) - Understand CAA Regulations and UK Law

We deliver training workshops in the form of power point presentation, providing our own presentation equipment, to explain about the legal aspects of flying remotely piloted unmanned aircraft. We also deliver practical flight training through a twin transmitter buddy-box training system with our hexacopter or flight training with your own equipment. This hands on training is significantly valuable for pilots before they embarked on their Remote Pilot Certificate, giving confidence to any novice and available for individuals or groups.   Valuable introduction for Emergency Services Professionals who may be considering flying drones. 


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