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Aerial & Media Specialists

Sky Captain is a Yorkshire based Aerial Imaging & Media Productions team who operate across the UK providing high quality ground & aerial cinematography and photographs.


Show Reel

We will take a project from a concept through to a finished production for advertisement, media productions or  business tendering purposes by working with our client every step of the way.




At Sky Captain Aerial & Media Specialists we are able to offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We use a variety of equipment to allow us the best possible approach to your project, so whether you require aerial or ground photography and video footage we can do it.


Media Production covers a wide range of options from capturing specific aerial footage and images to producing a complete project for your purposes.

We can capture promotional material for your website or social media which can be provided in raw formats for you to process and edit or we can work with you to complete a final product ready to be uploaded and shared.

We frequently work on projects to provide tendering materials, which include on site interviews, capturing on site work, aerial footage of large site and then completing the post production editing to provide a completed video.


We can complete an aerial survey through the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to capture high quality images or video footage in order to provide a record of the condition of any building or site.

We can also provide an orthomosaic map using Drone Deploy.

The use of a UAV allows us to safely inspect high level areas where traditional equipment would not reach or areas that are unsafe to access. 

The most common application of UAV Aerial Surveys are for inspecting the external structure of building, roof inspections and checking guttering conditions.


Capture your event from start to finish to gain the greatest value from your event. We can create a custom package to document your event from ground shots, time lapses, video interviews and aerial shots to offer an extra wow factor. 


We can either provide you with raw footage and photos or process them to form a full video of your event for your website, social media or for your own personal use.

We have previously worked on University Graduation Ceremonies, Charity Sports Events, Weddings and Family Gatherings, Construction and Demolition Capture.  


We provide high quality timelapse options from a day long project up to a several year long project. All images are high quality, high definition and can be processed into an exciting and engaging promotional video for your project.

Our timelapse systems can operate remotely, off-grid and automonamously.

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