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At Sky Captain we operate to the highest standards of safety and plan every shoot with the greatest care and attention to detail. We will always complete a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) before the shoot along with a pre-site visit wherever possible.

We will not be able to fly in dangerous conditions or outside of legal restrictions however we are able to approach every shoot with both an aerial perspective and ground photography to allow us to capture every moment with minimal risk. Weather can also play an integral role in aerial imaging and can impact the safety. We will monitor weather predictions up to the scheduled shoot which will allow us to decide on the best time to shoot and avoid dangerous conditions.

We pride ourselves on being a professional, safe and friendly team that thoroughly enjoys what we do.

Sky Captain is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and we have a Public Liability Insurance Policy of £5 million.  We also complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for public shoots in accordance with Data Protection.

CAA Operational Authorization : 2600
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