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Long Term Project Capture 

Using timelapse equipment we are able to create videos showing the progress of projects that can span from months to years.

Project Documentary 

An in depth feature, from the start until completion, these videos can highlight each part of the process making them ideal for tendering or legacy videos.

Event Capture 

We can capture large scale events using a variety of ground and aerial shots and gaining highspeed footage for either promotion or review.

Time and Motion

Using timelapse, traditional filming equipment we can produce Time and Motion videos which can be used to improve the efficiency of the filmed process.

Aerial Site Surveys 

UAV's allow us to complete site surveys efficiently and create large scale orthographic maps, to assist in documenting progress or aid in planning.

Point Cloud Capture 

Utilise UAV's to capture data to create point cloud models.

Each Project we undertake is tailored to our clients needs to ensure you receive a high quality result that matches your needs. We can implement any of our services in a variety of ways allowing us to be flexible in our approach to every single project.

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